Master Hillary Camino Moncado

Master Hilary Camino Moncado

Master Hilary Camino Moncado was an extraordinary man, loved by millions of followers and a genius in so many different ways. His name translates to “The Lit Road in the Darkness.” Master Moncado was a follower and preacher of Christianity.

Master Moncado was part Filipino and part Spanish and came from a very well to do family that was related to the King of Spain.

At the early age of 6, his father sent him to school in India and within three years he graduated as a grandmaster from the College of Mystery and Psychics.

Listed below are some of Master Moncado achievements:

  1. Frequent in 11 different languages
  2. Publisher of 5 books, including the famous book written in 1939 on the “Superiority of Women”
  3. Leader of a church of 2,500,000 million followers
  4. Five Doctor Degrees and 3 Master Degrees
  5. Brigadier General of the Philippines
  6. Supreme Commander of the Filipino Christian Crusaders and leader of the Moncado Church
  7. First Billionaire Filipino in the United States
  8. Spiritual leader with churches in the continental US, Hawaii, Mexico and the Philippines
  9. One of the best public speakers in Hawaii
  10. Known worldwide as a healer of the sick

Master Moncado’s Funeral was had at his church on Oahu


GGM Pedoy was on Master Moncado’s secret spiritual committee and thus had access to the power prays and healing prays.

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