When we first started training with Great Grand Master Braulio Pedoy and his son, the Batikan Edwardo Pedoy, the one thing that was always stressed was being on time and having good attendance.

As the GGM always said: “If you don’t show up, who’s the loser?”. If you don’t come to class, you will not learn and get the knowledge available. The students that did show up that particular day were the winners because they got all the GGM’s attention.

Many years ago, we had a student named Leroy, an older man dedicated to learning Derobio. Leroy ALWAYS showed up for class. Over the 5-plus years, we trained him; I can’t recall him ever missing a session. Great Grand Master Pedoy loved Leroy because he was so devoted and always there.

Leroy had one problem. He needed help learning the 12 basic strikes and blocks. Over the years we trained him, he struggled with learning the basics of offensive or defensive movements.

One of the instructors would work with Leroy in every class. And Leroy would carry on. He never complained, and he never gave up.

To GGM Pedoy, Leroy was a good student: perfect attendance, humble, and positive in his training.

For us instructors that continued teaching Derobio after the death of the GGM, we observed how the GGM treated Leroy, and since then, we have had a few students that had learning challenges; so, like the GGM, we never give up on them. We try to treat them as the GGM treated Leroy.

So, if you want to learn the art of Escrima, do what Leroy did: show up and learn as best you can.


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