The Meaning Behind the School Patch

Our School’s Patch

The General Ablen’s School of Derobio Escrima’s patch was created to signify:

  • The patch is round, signifying the circle of the universe, no set beginning or ending.
  • The colors of the Patch are the same of the Flag of the Philippine.
  • The bolo in the patch is point straight up to heaven and signifies the self defense nature of the school. (If the weapon is points down, it means you plan to bury your opponent.)
  • The weapon on the patch is place in cupped hand, for “The Cup of Life”.
  • The triangle represents the basic foot work of Derobio. In the basics of the offensive movements, your feet are on the base of the triangle and you are making a small step to the point of the triangle. Before you do your next offensive number, you return your feet to the original position. In jungle combat Derobio, you always attack first, in contemporary self defense Derobio, you wait for your opponent to attack.

In defense, your feet are on the top of the triangle and you are moving in on

your opponent at 45 degree angle. After each number is blocked, you again return

to the original foot work position; feet are never crossed, equal balance is the rule,

and knees should be kept close together. In defending, Derobio always moves in

on the opponent, then hitting the opponent back with all your might.

  • Derobio is proven combat escrima style from deep in the jungles of Letye that is over 2,000 years old. In defense, it hits the opponent’s blow from the outside, always flowing with the opponent’s force. In offense, all 12 strikes are done with maximum power and authority, meant to go right though the opponent’s defense and finish the opponent in one blow. Seven of the 12 offense blows are to the head, again meant to finish the opponent quickly and move on to the next warrior.
  • Traditionally Derobio aligns itself with the horse; strong, graceful and non violent, unless cornered. The sound of the horse’s hooves on pavement is the same sound as stick repetitions in class. The cantering movements of a horse are the same motions showed in Derobio’s one and two bolo dances. Even though the horse has four legs, fast or slow, they never get tangled and fall.
  • Pedoy represents last names of the Great Grand Master Braulio Pedoy and The Baikan Eddie Pedoy, together they took Derobio from the combat killing art form; into what it is today, a self defense art form. Both wanted their instructors to bring Derobio into the 20th century and to work with other Escrima schools to push up the art and for the world to know that the Philippines has its own complete martial arts.

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