Chain of Command

By Chief Master Knut Peacock

 General Ablen’s School of Derobio Escrima has a strict ‘Chain of Command’ for running the school. This is vital to our teaching methods.

When Great Grand Master (GGM) was learning the art, his teacher was General Faustino Ablen, who, after 11 years of daily training, promoted him to Master and sent him off to learn other styles of Escrima throughout the Philippines.

The GGM first taught his son Eduardo (Eddie), Gary, Leslie Largo, and Jimmy Silva in the 1950s, and Braulio opened his school in 1961. They became the foundation and leaders of the Derobio style.

Following the passing of the GGM, Eddie became “The Batikan,” Gary Largo remained the Head Instructor, Leslie Largo was the First Instructor, and Jimmy Silva was a full red shirt Instructor, who passed away young with cancer,

The Batikan soon promoted Tyrone Takahashi as the Grand Master and head of the Pedoy’s School for Escrima.

For liability and insurance purposes, Gary Largo, Leslie Largo, Carlton Kramer, and Knut Peacock opened the General Ablen’s School of Derobio Escrima in 2012.

Currently (2023), Leslie Largo is the Chief Grand Master of our school and the only remaining founder; since all the others have passed, they started the school in 1961. Today, Grand Master Carlton Kramer reports to Leslie Largo, and Chief Master Knut Peacock reports to Carlton.

Our Chain of Command is as follows:

Gold Shirt: Grand Masters & Masters

Red Shirt: Full Instructor

Blue Shirt: Maestros

Black Shirt: Advanced Student

White Shirt: Student

As you progress in the school and the movements for Derobio, you gain promotions and move up the chain. A change in rank only occurs if you have consistency in attendance, determination, respect, and humbleness.

Teaching is the key to our art. WE ARE ALL ALWAYS learning! No one knows everything.

The goal of General Ablen’s School of Derobio Escrima is to perpetuate itself by constantly promoting students so they can teach in the future.

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