GGM’s Secret To Long Life

GGM’s Secret To Long Life Through Exercise and Diet

By Master Carlton Kramer

Although the GGM lived to be in his 90’s, I always thought he would be around a lot longer because he was so strong, healthy, and had the power. Both the GGM and Mrs. Pedoy always had sharp minds and never had memory problems. In fact, Mrs. Pedoy was the only one that could remember every student’s name that took our escrima classes.

The deck behind the GGM has was completed in 1982, soon after a roof was added. Shown top Left- Chief Instructor Peter, Top Right Chief Instructor Knut, Bottom Left Chief Instructor Carlton, GGM and Black Shirt Ron England. Years later Ron was promoted to full instructor by the GGM and Master by The Bakitan. Ron has since started his own school called Ola’a-Nalo Esckrima

Because the instructors built the Escrima School adjacent to the back of the GGM’s house, we would always stay for dinner after class. We traveled with the Pedoy’s throughout all the Islands in Hawaii, the Continental US and the Philippines. Because of this, we had a chance to learn their diet and lifestyle.

Master Moncado ( see in the center) in 1931, had millions of followers. The GGM was one of 12 on his secret spiritual committee

The GGM, Mrs. Pedoy and The Bakitan were staunch followers of Master Moncado. Master Moncado’s followers have two different eating habits; some are “selective” meat eaters (The Pedoys) and the others, pure vegetarians.

Both groups were accepted by the church and followers could choose their preference. The “selective” meat eaters were restricted from eating mammals and could only eat fowl, seafood, fruits and vegetables. Because humans are mammals, consumption of “red meat” is restricted. Pure vegetarians eat things such as nuts, fruits, and uncooked vegetables; strictly a “raw” diet.

I have been on the “selective” Moncado diet for the past 30 years. I still remember the transition period when I stopped eating beef, pork and drinking milk. The transition was hard for the first few weeks because when you get really hungry, everything tastes good. Once, however, I did get very sick after about 15 years on the diet and had to see a dietician. I found out through medical test that I was lacking in B-6 and B-12. The dietician I went to confirmed what the GGM said about how our bodies have a harder time digesting food as we get older. Today, I am still on the Moncado diet and but now I take food- based vitamins supplements to balance my unique diet. This Moncado diet has definitely cured my asthma and I am grateful to the GGM for convincing me to change my eating habits and sharing this knowledge with me.

The Moncado Church is located deep in the Kahili Valley and was built to last hundreds of years. The cement foundation of the church is 3 feet thick and the church’s structure is made of red wood, which still looks brand new

I will never forget the few of the Moncado Church dinners I was lucky to attend with the Pedoys. I remember old Moncado men with hair so long that it could touch the ground. They would bundle their hair on their heads with large hats. At one dinner I saw one of man go to the pot luck table and pick up over a dozen bananas. I was thinking he planned to pass them around or take them home, but he sat down and, to my amazement, ate every one of them for his dinner.

The GGM and Pedoys diet consisted of only a few dishes, so I once asked why. His response was: “As the human body ages our internal system cannot digest food the same as when you were young. When you get old, try to maintain a simple diet; vegetable soups, fish and rice, eggs, tuna, and turkey. Some people should stay away from chicken because it can cause arthritis. As you get older, never eat too much; do not eat a large steak or desserts because your body cannot digest them properly; consequently, you will get constipated or develop diarrhea. These sicknesses can cause severe health problems which are difficult to recover from.”

It’s easy if you know!

The GGM was not a doctor or a dietician and never attended school; however, he spoke numerous languages and taught himself how to read and write in English and a number of Filipino dialects. He constantly studied the Bible but never lectured us on it. I do not know how he got the knowledge to heal through prayer, herbs, massage and diet. When I asked him, he gave me the same answer as the one he gave for how he memorized the Derobio counters. He would simply smile and say “It’s easy you if you know!”

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