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Cristen Kramer has been learning Derobio since 4 years oldAmber and Chloe Schmall working on their two bolo demonstrationChief Masters Gary and Leslie Largo shows the students broken numbers sparring of one bolo techniquesChief Master Leslie trains his son Jerry in bolo and knive fightingGGM in PrayerClass on ML, GGM and EddieDerobio is a bladed martial art style for the Island of LeyteIt’s easy if you know!

GGM especially like to do the counters on Chief Peter because he was so much bigger than himChief Carlton, applies a counter to the GGM, so he can demonstrate to the class the technique used to escape and then reapply another lockGGM’s locks were so painful that all you could do was screamDuring class, the GGM looked forward to demonstrating the effectiveness of the counters. Every Tuesday and Thursday nights, the GGM’s neighbors would hear loud screams followed by laughterteachersThe deck behind the GGM has was completed in 1982, soon after a roof was added. Shown top Left- Chief Instructor Peter, Top Right Chief Instructor Knut, Bottom Left Chief Instructor Carlton, GGM and Black Shirt Ron England. Years later Ron was promoted to full instructor by the GGM and Master by The Bakitan. Ron has since started his own school called Ola’a-Nalo Esckrima
















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