Self Defense for Women in 12 Easy Lessons

There is a myth that self defense for women takes years to learn. This is simply not true, even for the most petite of women. In fact, it is possible to learn to defend yourself in 12 easy lessons using the martial arts called Escrima.

The first step for women learning self-defense is to have a short term goal. Tell yourself that this year I am going to take the time and learn how to defend myself or I am going to take my daughter to class, so she can learn self-defense.

Throughout history, men have shown themselves predators. Certainly not all men would force themselves on or hurt women. But, the reality of our world is women need to have the confidence and knowledge of how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Escrima is the martial arts of the Philippines and is known today as a complete self-defense system. Historically, Escrima was adopted because it was a successful way for locals to defend themselves using improvised weapons such as sticks, sharp spears or bladed weapons.

The “Derobio” Escrima is one of the oldest and one of the most respected of the styles of Escrima and is perfect for women, because it is easy to learn and so effective against any attacker. In fact, in the Philippines, the ladies are known to be equal to or better than the men in Escrima. They tend to be more fluid, faster and more cunning than men even if they are smaller in size than their counterpart.

The key to a woman’s defense in Escrima is to have a few basic lessons using a small tool, such as, a pocket knife, hair stick, nail file, self-defense key chain or unbreakable umbrella. Most of these tools can easily fit and are found in a purse, briefcase, pocket, or under a woman’s arm or on her body. These accessories or tools are the equalizer in any confrontation.

No matter how big the man or how many men are attacking, women that have the knowledge in defending themselves with a pocket knife, sharp tool or unbreakable umbrella will prevail. (Of course women should only use these tools on an attacker if they felt their life was being threatened).

Learning the basics of Escrima is easier than one might imagine. In six short weeks (just 12 one hour lessons), a woman can easily become confident in her ability to defend herself in any situation:

Lesson 1: Learn the 12 offense strikes using either a “purse tool” such as a pocket knife, pen, pencil, keys or nail file

Lesson 2: Learn the defense against the 12 strikes Lesson 3: Practice mixing up of the 12 strikes to create confidence in your ability to defend yourself Lesson 4: Learn empty hand techniques against an attacker Lesson 5: Learn the basics of getting out of any lock Lesson 6: Practice offensive and defensive “woman’s tools” techniques with your weaker hand Lesson 7: Learn how to fight low and with fluidity in using your new “purse tool” techniques Lesson 8: Learn defending yourself against different weapons the attacker might have Lesson 9: Learn advanced counter techniques when fighting with a “woman’s tools” Lesson 10: Practice self defense techniques if there is more than one attacker Lesson 11: Learn advance pocket knife techniques, umbrella and other advance self defense movements Lesson 12: Review and take your self-defense test

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