The Perfect Derobio Swing

By GM Carlton Kramer


Having the right Derobio swing with your stick or bolo is essential. Do not develop bad habits in the way you strike your opponent.

If you are holding a stick, be sure that the butt of the stick is flush with your hand. This is the Derobio way.

If you are holding a bolo, ideally, the bolo should be the length of your entire arm span from your armpit to the tip of your fingers.

Do not be cheap; invest in your weapons for class, practicing, or bolo dances.

Like a samurai swing, the goal is to cut deep, first targeting your opponent’s head; the second full power blow should slice their body upward, and then the third full power strike is back to their head.

Do not be a head hunter; long, full-power strikes should be used with your knees together while moving your shoulders and hips to maximize your power blows.

GGM told us never to strike like a wimp; strike with all your might and finish the fight quickly.

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