To Become an Instructor Takes More Than Knowing the Movements

To Become an Instructor Takes More Than Knowing the Derobio Movements

Even though each of the instructors at the Moncado Brand has been red shirt instructor for over three decades,  we are still learning about teaching. Recently we realized that we need to spend more time on teaching the traditions, philosophies and expectations we instructors have for our students.  To become an instructor in Derobio it takes more than just knowing the correct movements, the individual also needs to have the right attitude and have the right character:

1-Have Respect

Student needs to have respect for their school, for their school’s mission, and its Instructors.  For us, my respect for my late GGM and the Batikan runs so deep, that even though they have both passed on, I still follow their wishes as instructed to me.

2-Understanding The Chain of Command

Students need to understand the concept of chain of command.  Beginners report to advanced students, advance students report to the assistant instructors, assistant instructors report to the instructors, instructors report to the Chief instructors, and the Chief instructors report to the Master and the Master report to the Chief Masters and the Chief Masters report to the Grand Master. If there is an issue, that individual first takes it to the next level of command. Everyone can give their opinion on issues but the final decision still lies in the Chain of Command. Pedoy School of Escrima has never been run like a democracy, final decision stops with the Grand Master, but everyone is encouraged to express their opinions.

3-Never Give Up

Tenacity is one of the most important traits needed to become an instructor. Never, ever quit, not in a fight, or in training.  It’s ok to go to your instructor and say “I need a break for school” and explain why. But it’s not ok to no show in class for a long period of time or to tell your Master, “I am quitting.” Gameness is essential in becoming an instructor in the Pedoy School of Escrima.

4-Never Feel Entitlement

The feeling of entitlement can destroy the relationship between the student and instructor. Student feels they deserve a promotion for their length of time in class or contribution to their school. Whereas the instructors are thinking, “Believe in us and we will take care of you, when we determine the timing is right.”

5-Have Integrity

Honesty and integrity is admired in every facet of life; it’s no different in class. It’s very simple, simply do what you said you were going to do. Lack of integrity in one’s personality is a very serious flaw.

6-Be Humble

The GGM was the best example of humbleness, we never hear him brag or speak down to anyone. Humbleness has always been admired in the Pedoy School of Escrima. The Bakitan once told us that one of our students was so good that he will make Derobio famous some day; his only concern was, “Is this individual going to be a humble man”?

7- Believe in Yourself

So often students get discourage that they are not learning fast enough. No one is alike, be patient with yourself and believe that you can learn the movements.

8- Believe in the Mission of the School

Learn the school’s mission and vision and become part of the team to perpetuate the Martial Art of the Philippines for the next generations.

9– Be Goal Oriented

Have short term goals to inspire yourself to keep coming to class

10- Have Good Attendance in Class

Attendance is important; it is so easy to find an excuse not to come to class. Be determined to attend as many classes as possible.

11-Treat the other students as Your Pedoy Brothers and Sisters

Learn the concept of treating your fellow students and instructors like extended family, because each person in class is a member of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Pedoy School of Escrima.

12- Believe in the Power of Prayer

Each class begins and ends with a short silent prayer, besides asking for protection and not hurting anyone in class; asks for the movements and fluidity of Derobio to come to you.

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