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108 Funeral Notice 

Borthwick Mortuary                                                                               
Please find a headshot of the GGM with is thick black trim glass


Age, 88 of Honolulu, Hawaii passed away, July 29. 1992 at St. Francis Hospital. Grand Mater Pedoy was born on October 16, 1903, in Omac City, Leyte, Philippines. At the age of six (6), he runs away from home and meet General Faustino Ablin, the Leader for the independence movement for the occupying Spanish, and then American Forces on the island of Leyte.                           
The grandmaster lived with General Ablin for eleven (11) years. At the age of seventeen (17), Pedoy was awarded the title of Master of the Derobio Style Escrima and for three years traveled from island to island in the Philippines learning other styles of Escrima. In 1924, grandmaster Pedoy came to the Island of Hawaii to work on the Olaa Plantation and during WWII was a security guard for the Army.  A retiree from Gaspro, Inc, he started the Pedoy School of Escrima in 1961 and on April 9, 1976, he has rewarded a Certificate of Recognition from the State of Hawaii, House of Representatives, House Resolution No. 633, entitled “Honoring the Respected and venerable Master Braulio Pedoy, Escrima Expect Extraordinaire”.                       
In 1991, he was inducted into the International Martial Art Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution in promoting the Philippines Martial Art of Escrima. Also in 1991, he promote his son to Master and since then he has been addressed a Grandmaster by his students, instructors, and friends.                                                                                         
Presently there are seven (7) branches of the Pedoy School of Escrima, which are run by his son Master Eduardo Pedoy. In the 30 years that the Pedoy School of Escrima has been in operation, there have been over one thousand (1,000) students and the Grandmaster Pedoy has promoted eighteen (18) instructors. Leaving behind his devoted Bartolornia “Maria” Pedoy, 4 sons: Eduardo J. Pedoy, Ponciano John (Frances) Adaro, Alberto (Maggie) Adaro, and Marshall (Pearl) Adaro, 3 Daughters: Martina (John Sr.) Navares, Rose N. Rapoza and Julianna (Glenn) Riddle, 21 Grandchildren, 31 Great Grandchildren, and 1 Great child.


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