To My Surprise, The GGM’s Prediction Came True!

To My Surprise, the GGM Prediction Came True!

By Master Carlton Kramer

GGM would make predictions about events in the future and would repeat them to us every so often. He did this not because he was forgetful, but because he didn’t what us to forget.

One of his predictions had to do with me in particular. He told me numerous times that someday, “The members of the Moncado Church will call you for help and when they do, promise me that you will help them.” He told this to me numerous times that so I wouldn’t forget, but in the back of my mind I asked myself, why would they ever call me, when I am not even a member of the church.

Then it happened, about 3 years after the GGM death, Romana called representing the trustees at the church, “The members of the Moncado Church needs your help. All the church land has been condemned and will be auctioned next month if the state taxes are not paid.”

I will never forget the silence on the phone when I told Romana, “I was expecting your phone call,” and simply told her about the prediction the GGM had made too me.

To make a very long story short, I co-signed a loan to pay off the State taxes and lawyers. When the crisis was over and the loan had been paid back to me, they asked me to join the church as an outside trustee (Non Member of the Church). When I got to know everyone, I asked for a favor, could the Downtown branch of the Pedoy School of Escrima move the school and teach in the courtyard of the Moncado Church. I knew that this would make the Great Grand Master very happy and it would provide us room for growth.

The rest is history….. my life and briefs have been changed; I am the Vice Chairmen of the Trustees and a full member of the Church. Chief Instructor Knut Peacock is also a trustee of the Moncado Church.

Now, all the instructors are wondering and waiting for the other of the GGM Pedoy’s predictions to come true.

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