The Art of Teaching Self Defense to Young Children

Although I have been teaching self defense courses for over 40 years, I only started teaching kids in the past decade. During this time, I have learned that there is definitely an art of teaching self defense to little kids.

I think we would all agree that parents in Hawaii are a little crazy. They enroll their kids in soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, swimming and martial arts at an extremely early age. Usually around four to 6 years of age, kids in Hawaii are involved in some sort of sports activity. Not only is it fun for the kids, but the parents have a blast watch their munchkins running around and trying their best to do an activity that they have very little coordination for. I have two of my own kids, so I know how much fun it is to watch then learn different sporting activities.

Self defense is definitely one activity that parents should enroll their children in. Not only is self defense good for their self confidence and knowledge they will always need throughout life; but a good martial art instructor we ensure your child learns discipline and respect for their parents and school teachers. A good martial art instructor will also educate your child to be street wise and knowledgeable about the different dangerous situations that should be avoided as kids and later as adults.

The absolute key in teaching self defense to young kids is to allow them to have fun and yet maintain a level of discipline needed in class to ensure that the art is taught safely. Kids will never want to come to a martial art school that hurts them in any way or is scolding them throughout class. Kids want to have fun and should be able to have an enjoyable class so they encourage their parents to extend their months lessons.

The question becomes what martial art should I take my kid(s) to? Fortunately in Hawaii there are hundreds of self defense classes to choose from and many are conveniently located in your city or town.

Most parents tend to choose a martial art that is associated with their ethnic background. However before you make your selection , go on line and research the main options available and chose the school that is right for your child. As an option for your child, I highly advise you to consider the martial art of the Philippines called Escrima or Kali, one of the most respected styles in Escrima is know as Derobio.

Most Derobio Escrima schools accept kids from just 6 years old. Classes start at 6 pm and end at 7pm so the child has time to go home, eat, bath and do their homework. Escrima is a 2,000 year old self defense art form that is fluid like Kung Fu, but teaches the child hand to hand, weapon, and hand against weapon. Because there are only 12 strikes in Derobio Escrima, your child can become proficient in just 12 lessons. In a just 12 lesson over a three month period, kids learn one stick, two sticks, staff, and hand to hand techniques.

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