Class Must Start On Time

 By Senior Master Knut Peacock


It was always important to the Great Grand Master (GGM), Braulio Pedoy, to be on time when class opened at 6:00 pm.

At one time, we practiced near a church that rang its bell promptly at 6:00 pm., and we would begin class. If a studentwas late, the GGM would scold the entire group and lecture us on the importance of the 6:00 pm hour, the magical hour in learning Derobio.

The class could end late, but starting late wasnever an option. To this day, our training starts exactly at 6:00 pm. Instructors can begin class one minute early but never one minute late.

The other thing most important to the GGM wasa good attendance. It didn’t matter how long it took you to learn even the most basic moves,but if you showed up for every class, he would dedicate his time to teaching you.

For those who did not havegood attendance, he would jokingly say, “Who’s the Loser?” which is a phrase we use today. If you don’t show up,you miss out on the knowledge that has been passed on for generations. In turn, those students that showed up to class that day were the winners because they got all the attention of their Masters.

The DerobioGrandmasters and Masters of today are passing on what they have learned over the years, so the future of the art rests withthose who show up promptly and consistently. We are all students of the art of Escrima, and there is always more to learn.



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