GGM’s Magical Tree In A Small Glass Bottle

A Magical Tree In a Small Glass Bottle

By Master Carlton Kramer

The GGM was a well known healer in Hawaii

The GGM was a well known healer in Hawaii and would tell us that he could cure almost anything but cancer. He used herbs, prayer, special diets and massage to cure patients that had given up with their regular doctors but with looking to get healed.

Map of Bohol

Mrs. Pedoy was from the Island of Bohol in the Philippines. On the Island was a famous Healing Shrine of Potenciana also known as the Saranza Chapel. When visiting the Island to see Mrs. Pedoy’s relatives, GGM always made it a point to pay his respects at the shrine and to give money as a donation. In the early 1960’s, the GGM and Mrs. Pedoy again visited the shrine and donated money, but this time, a little old lady who was a caretaker of the chapel gave him a bottle of wax from spent alter candles. The GGM thanked the old lady and when they got home he placed the bottle on his alter in his room.

GGM and Mrs Pedoy are shown inside of the Healing Shine in 1989

A few years later, the GGM had a stroke that paralyzed one side of his body. While in bed, he looked over to the alter and remembered the bottle from the healing shine and asked Mrs. Pedoy to bring it to him. To his amazement the wax had melted into oil and there was a very small little tree growing in the bottle. He wondered how a tree could grow in oil wax? He then rubbed some of this oil on the side of his body that was paralyzed and always refilled the bottle with 100% coconut oil. He massaged himself with this oil, while silently saying Master Moncado’s power prayer for a couple of weeks and he was soon cured.

The Tree in the Bottle continued to grow, along with the legend of its healing power. The GGM carried this small glass bottle ( 4” high by 1”) where ever he went and you could always see him checking his front left pants pocket throughout the day to be sure it was still there. For the next three decades he cured hundreds of patients by using the combination of this healing oil, massage and the Moncado prayer as the secret to his success.

Inside of the Healing Shine of Potenciana on the Island of Bohol

The GGM was in his 80’s when he asked Chief Peter and me to learn the massage so we can work on his sore back. He then would invite us in the room when he was massaging men for us to observe. If the patient was a woman, he only invited Mrs. Pedoy in the room, so the ladies would feel more comfortable. After a while, Chief Instructor Peter and I became the GGM’s masseurs, which we felt quite honored, although we would get heavy scolding at times for not doing it perfectly.

The healing massage method is very different than other techniques. The massage takes around 1 hour and the GGM would start with his hands on the person’s head and do a silent prayer, he would then draw a cross with the oil on the patient’s back and then would start massaging on the patient’s back, massaging down the body: never in circles or in an up /down movement. He would be searching with his thumbs and hands to find pitched nerves, blocked arteries (like little bbs) or for small golf balls under the skin. Once the blockage is found, then he had a special technique to open the blood vessels. If there was a major injury, more than one session would be required.

There were a lot of patients that complained of severe headaches and were looking to be healed from the magical oil. These individuals would go to their doctors and only receive pain killers but would never be cure for the cause of the headaches. The GGM would always ask these patients if they had ever slipped and felled hard on their butts. Most of the time they remembered the incident and the GGM would find the blockage and was able to cure the individual very quickly with only one session.

I remember one patient was a waitress who had regular painful headaches and did remember falling on her behind at work. After two sessions, the GGM told her that her back was not healing and that she would have to give up her job. Of course she cried and asked if he would still work on her to relive the pain because she couldn’t give up her job. But the GGM told her that if she didn’t listen to his advice, then he wouldn’t massage her any more.

Another old Filipino man came one night to his house on Bertania Street and he was all hunched up and couldn’t lift up his head. After one session with the healing oil and massage, he walked out like a young man. The GGM told him to stay away from eating chicken, because its causes arthritis in old men. (The GGM only ate turkey for this reason).

Mrs. Pedoy was diabetic and the GGM would massage each of her ankles every night for ten minutes. He told us numerous times that massaging the ankles would save her from surgery later. He explained that diabetic veins sink over time and eventually their toes and ankles would turn black. By massaging them everyday, he was using preventive medicine and saving her from surgery. He went on to explain that if you wait until the skin turns dark or black, it’s too late and massage will not work. Sure enough, Mrs. Pedoy, who died in her mid 80’s never required surgery.

GGM with his bottle of oil

Just before the GGM died, he passed on “The Tree in the Bottle” to his nephew Mike. He showed the most promise in curing, people was willing to serve its power, and was able to massage patients without picking up their sickness. The GGM predicted to Michael that in the future, total strangers would approach him and asked to be massaged because of some aliment they have. I talked to Mike recently and he was on a business trip to Boston, and sure enough a total stranger came up to him in the airport and asked to be healed and wanted Mike to help him overcome his sickness.

Of course I miss the GGM, Mrs. Pedoy, and staring at The Tree in the Bottle.

Mike is now the “Healer” and with it comes a lot of responsibility. Relatives and patients line up at his house for help. Mike has shown himself to be worthy of “The Magical Tree in the Bottle”. We instructors all admire him for his skills and devotion to carrying on the GGM ‘s healing skills. We are also amazed that another of the GGM predictions has come true!

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