General Ablen’s School of Derobio Escrima

General Ablen’s School of Derobio Escrima

Our branch began in 2003 with the encouragement and permission of The Bakitan Eddie Pedoy. The Bakitan had recommended that Master Carlton and Senior Chief Instructor Knut Peacock start an Escrima School to teach Master Carlton’s daughters, their friends and other interested adults at his house in Nuuanu. This school was to cater to interested students in the downtown and Eastern region of Oahu.
The Bakitan’s vision for the expansion was to bring in young children and women into the school and thus expand the base of students from just male adults.The Bakitan came over to the Downtown branch on regular bases and frequently taught the class personally. After class everyone would have so much fun listening to The Bakitan’s stories.
Eventually the class got so large that the school moved to the Moncado Church in Kalihi Valley. Soon after, Chief Masters Gary and Leslie Largo accepted the leadership of the school. Chief Instructor Peter Schmall also started teaching, and soon brought is his five daughters to the class.

Today our branch has two Chief Masters, a Senior Master, two Chief Instructors , and two full instructors . The students learn fast due to the depth and amount of instructors.

Our school of Escrima teaches every Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday at 6 pm in the courtyard of the Moncado church, at the base of the Moncado statue, 1749 Kalaepaa Drive, Honolulu, 96819. If it’s raining, you can find the class in the church itself. There is plenty of parking available in the church parking lot. Our school accepts boys and girls from just 6 years old, however we reserve the right to decline any students if they don’t have discipline and respect for others. For information call 808-781-3302.

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