The Power in Prayers- Derobio Style



The Power in Prayers- Derobio Style

Master Carlton Kramer

When I first started class, I asked a student next to me what do I say in my prayer? His response “I don’t know”.

After about a year when I got to know the GGM, I asked him and he said, in the beginning of class have the students pray that “They don’t get hurt and they don’t hurt anyone”, and after class “Have the students thank the lord that they didn’t get hurt and they didn’t hurt anyone.”

Years later when I asked the GGM to help me improve my fluidity or how can I learn the 144 counters faster? He asked me, “Have you asked for this knowledge in your prayers in the beginning of class? If you asked the lord for this knowledge, the lord and they will give it to you. Of course you will learn it through practice, but you will learn it faster if you request the movements in your prayers.” I then asked the GGM, “Who are they?” His response that General Ablen and the other Derobio Master will help you to learner faster because they too hear your prayers.

Chief Master Leslie Largo and Senior Chief Knut spar with one bolo each

When we started training in advance bolo, GGM told us to add to our prays what General Ablen use to instruct his freedom fighters. “Please place an invisible shield over my body that I may be protected from both physical and mental harm”. With the invisible shield you will still get cut, but it will not be deep, just warning shots to humble you. I then asked the GGM about the protection from mental harm? He said very seriously, “Your enemies might try and put a curse on you? At times, even your best friends will try to discourage you or temp you to do something you know is wrong… with this invisible shield, these negative thoughts and curses will just bounce off of you!”

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