The Perfect Martial Art Style for Women

Escrima Is the Perfect Martial Art for Women

When asked by women how they should protect themselves, the GGM  always recommended that they should carry a small pocket knife in their purse. They would explain that no matter how big the man was that is attacking them, a small knife is the equalizer and would save their lives. They would also explain that Escrima is the perfect martial art for women, so easy to learn and so effective in defending against a larger, more powerful opponent. They could teach them how to use a small knife in just a few classes.

Although there are two ways in Derobio to hold a small knife, the slasher and the stabbing method, the GGM would only advise the ladies to use the slasher style. The key to the slasher style is to have your thumb pressing down on the back of the knife’s handle. Your knife should be held down in front of your waist and your free hand should be about six inches above the knife in a protective mode. Your free hand will save your life by deflecting the attacker’s strike and the knife hand will end the fight with a well-placed strike.

The GGM would recommend that if the woman is by herself in a parking garage and they feel something is not right, open you pocket knife in your purse and proceed to your car while being very observant. The GGM always cautioned the females to never allow your attacker to get you into their vehicle because of the very weak position they will be in. You need to do what ever is necessary to escape from the attack.

The # 6 and the # 7 offensive strikes can be of the traditional pokes to the eye or used as jabs to the neck and chest. The key to any defense is to keep your eyes open, flow with the opposing force, and to aim at your targets.

The most common asked question to the GGM is: what if you don’t have a pocket knife, what do you do? The GGM would respond with a question, “Is a pencil or pen a weapon?” Of course the answer is yes, a pencil or pen stabbed into the attacker’s eye will end the confrontation.

If you have no pencil or pen, the GGM would suggest three ways to break the hold of your attacker:

  1. Grab the attacker’s collar bone and shake it with all your might. Guaranteed your attacker will immediately let go.
  2. With your two first fingers, grab the attacker’s eyes while you poke your thumb under your opponent’s chin, in order to get a good hold of his entire head, and then shake.
  3. A strong punch, knee, or kick to the attacker’s throat privates will also end the attack.

The GGM would summarize his lecture with this advice, “Do not think you are helpless because you are a woman? With a little training in Derobio, you can learn easily how to defend yourself.”

He would remind them that a slap will never end an attack; you have to hit the attacker’s vitals……their eyes, throat or private.

The GGM would concluded by explaining that the Escrimadoras (women) in the Philippines are as good as the Eascrimador (men). In fact, women can be faster, more cunning and definitely have more fluidity than the men, thus Escrima is the perfect self-defense system for females, because the weapon and knowledge of Derobio becomes the equalizer.

The Schmall sisters practicing their one bolo Derobio drills

Amber and Chloe Schmall working on their two bolo demonstration

Cristen Kramer has been learning Derobio since 4 years old

Heidi Small demonstrates her ready position in knife defense

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